Some of the ways we help the earth and community
It takes more than community involvement to be good citizens of the world. Here are some of the ways we do our part to help the earth:
Eco-friendly buildings for healthier people and a healthier planet
From green rooftops to bike-friendly access, we believe in designing eco-friendly buildings for healthier people and a healthier planet.
Find out what we reuse
To conserve and restore our natural resources, we reuse everything from paper to mobile phones to light bulbs and more.
Barclaycard UK is tackling climate change
By creating the UK's first credit card dedicated to carbon reductions, Barclaycard UK is helping fund projects that tackle climate change.
We practice what we preach.
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Rejuvenating Wilmington’s riverfront community

Our home says a lot about us.
By salvaging an historic
property, we're helping to
protect the environment and
rejuvenate Wilmington's
riverfront community.
Find out how we make a difference

Our greatest investment?
Our community. At the core
of everything we do is a
commitment to give back.
Dryrock Building Efficiencies:
  • Green Roof
  • Compact Fluorescent - t8 lights
  • Use engineered lumber or metal stud framing to replace solid-sawn lumber
  • Reuse a brown field or previously occupied site
  • Design for easy pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access
  • Design and landscape to create comfortable micro-climates and reduce heat island effects
  • Use native plants that are drought-resistant, create habitat for indigenous species, and do not require pesticides for maintenance
  • Provide shading on east, west and south windows with overhangs, awnings, or deciduous trees
  • Windows and skylights, light shelves, and window treatments to provide daylight that improves indoor environments
  • Window sizes, frame materials, and glass coatings to optimize energy performance
  • Use water-conserving plumbing fixtures
  • Insulate hot and cold water pipes
  • Use heat recovery equipment, tank-less water heaters and/or on-demand hot water circulation pumps
  • Design lighting levels for actual use, and use task lighting to reduce general lighting levels
  • Use energy-efficient lamps and lighting fixture
  • Use lighting controls that save energy such as occupancy sensors
  • Use a building energy management system
  • Use high-efficiency equipment including furnaces, boilers, fans, and pumps
  • Use heat recovery equipment
  • Ductwork within conditioned space, seal joints properly, and clean before occupancy
  • Zone mechanical systems for more efficient heating and cooling
  • Use radiant and hydronic systems for increased efficiency, health, and comfort
  • Use equipment without ozone-depleting refrigerants
  • Use recycled-content, formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation, or other green insulation products
  • Use low- or no-VOC, formaldehyde-free paints, stains, and adhesives
  • Use exposed surfaces such as concrete for finished floor

Other Efficiencies:
  • Recycling Program: confidential documents/paper, general waste, mobile telephones, household batteries, plastic/aluminum/glass, cardboard, toner, lamps/light bulbs and electronic waste
  • Recycling bins located throughout the site
  • Blue Hen Center - no paper cups provided to colleagues - bring your own mug
  • Blue Hen Center - central waste centers - no desk side waste cans
  • Sustainable Cafe program: Biodegradable cups, plates, use local produce, sustainable seafood
  • Raise data center temperature set points from 68 to 75 degrees
  • Data center - install perforated floor tile and ceiling tiles to exhaust heat isle air
  • Moving Cartons versus paper boxes
  • Pre-tax transportation benefits: RideShare Delaware offered/communicated
  • Variable frequency drives on some large motors
  • Lighting / HVAC BMS schedule
  • Printing Efficiencies communicated to colleagues
  • 30% of copy paper used is 100% recycled
  • Green cleaning chemicals/paper products used
  • Barclays Environmental Policy posted in all sites
  • Energy Savings communications sent to colleagues